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Dr. Marinis Monthly Memo - April 2020

I start this note with the realization we are blessed by many gifts. The educational entities of our community have done a remarkable job to continue the learning experience for our students. This is an unfamiliar journey; however, I believe that adversity creates the opportunity for great growth and development.

Facing our reality with great optimism, Calvert Catholic School remains connected with our families, students, staff and supporters down this uncharted path. The daily changes and adjustments continue to strengthen our bonds and build our character as we are secure in the foundation of our faith. To change is to grow and we grow our talents into a variety of achievements as we assure the quality of education continues to expand and enrich our students for their success.

No one is standing alone through the present circumstances, though I’m sure it’s a feeling we are all experiencing at different times. As the Head of School for the Calvert system I am very grateful for the increased training and instructional adjustments everyone continues to make. We have discussed as Calvert’s leadership team a metaphor; we are building a ship while at sea. The Faculty and staff are demonstrating resiliency and a remarkable ability to adjust to the circumstances. The patience shown by everyone involved with education, has been remarkable and reassuring to me. God continues to give us his strength and guidance to acclimate and persevere with great determination.

School progress continues for our students as the faculty and staff have shifted to distance learning tools. These virtual environments are using Google Classroom, Class Dojo and Zoom to deliver content and instruction. Our educators have done an amazing job utilizing video-based instruction, content-based tools, hands-on activities using everyday household items, and other educational programs designed for teaching outside the traditional classroom. Intervention specialists and PT Services continue to provide their services to the students. Lunches are available for students and the buildings have been prepared for the day we can joyfully and gratefully return! The vision is simple, do our best as students and educators.

As the current state of our living experiences seem to change daily with new information, it is important for us to remember those who continue to help on the front lines of this pandemic. From a personnel standpoint, my sister who is a Calvert alumna is a nurse in New York City. To hear from her reminds me of how blessed we are to have each other and to remain supportive and patient during unfamiliar times.

As the 2020-2021 school year fast approaches, enrollment, scholarships and tuition assistance will need to begin, so I encourage families to get information by contacting Rachel Griffith:, for assistance. We are blessed to have faith as the foundation of our school and know that many more of you will realize how valuable a God-based community and daily prayer sustains you through life’s struggles.

Dr. Jeremy Marinis

CCS Head of School

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