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Dr. Marinis Monthly Memo- December 2019

In the spirit of the holiday season, I want to express how blessed and thankful we are at Calvert Catholic Schools for the generosity and support of our community and the Seneca Nation. Great enhancements continue with Calvert as the fall semester draws to a close. I appreciate the responses many have given about how much they enjoy reading my Monthly Memo. It’s good to know many others celebrate Calvert’s exciting story with me.

The spiritual development and formation of our students has taken hold through our Service Program (SEA). Students are actively involved in programs that instill a culture of charity in their educational formation, like the Shoebox and the Christmas Stocking projects. Calvert students partnered with Bailiwicks Coffee Company to send a message of kindness to our community; and the elementary collected more than a truck full of food and supplies to support the local FISH program. Calvert Seniors traveled for a 4-day spiritual retreat to help strengthen and deepen understanding of living out their faith. It gives me great pride and joy to see what our young students are capable of accomplishing through a Catholic education.

Experiential learning continues to develop a foundation for the education of our students. The elementary STEAM program provided 6th graders the opportunity to develop and produce a Future City project focused on sustainable resources, complete with a narrative and presentation. Junior high students continue engagements with the Career Connection luncheons that connect students with various professionals for career requirements and preparations. During this semester, high school students had the opportunity to travel to the Castalia Quarry to witness the process of how the FBI search and organize information from a crime scene. This experience demonstrated how chemistry and science permeate career skills.

Global competencies remain a focus at all levels of education. Elementary students continue to learn language lessons and living practices of Spanish speaking cultures. Heidelberg visiting Chinese professors introduced our physical education students to the disciplines of Tai Chai.

In reflection of my first semester returning to Calvert, there are so many tremendous faculty, staff, and support constituents that instill a premier learning experience. We remain focused on bringing classroom teachings to life through experiences and infusing faith into actions. Service is a powerful platform to develop a strong moral compass for students, integrated through academics and family. Calvert’s family has been blessed to welcome a number of new students during this semester who desire a faith infused education, grounded in experiential learning opportunities.

I wish all of you a very blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year. If you would like to learn more about Calvert’s transformative educational experience, contact Rachel Griffith at Calvert, 419-447-3844, ext. 104, or email her at

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