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Dr. Marinis Monthly Memo- September 2023

Greetings Educational Community,

Through this memo each month, I attempt to provide perspective and updates regarding education in Tiffin, with a focus on education at Calvert. There are many features to celebrate about this great educational community of Tiffin. Specifically at Calvert we often state we are different by design. In reflection, I am not sure I have provided context to further explain this concept. Different by design does not imply better, simply different. To expound on this it is important to understand the roots of catholic education in the America. In the early 1800’s St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was instrumental in the formation of a number of catholic schools. These schools were created in an effort to provide formation for the “whole” person. This formation was not only focused on the mind but also the soul. This is the foundation for Catholic Education today, the formation of the whole person, learning to love God and develop in virtue and care for the dignity of the person. Catholic schools seek to develop the God-given gifts and talents in each learner. We strive to care for our neighbor through service and to be grateful for the many gifts we each receive. Service at Calvert is imbedded within the curriculum and is experienced as early as the elementary years through our garden and bird club, caring for God’s creation.

It is a wonderful experience to come together and pray as a community and serve one another by the blessings we experience. We provide our students with many opportunities to grow in their faith through different prayerful experiences. Thanks to our generous supporters in time, talent and treasure, we invest in spiritual and academic formation. We balance these foundations daily in a partnership with students, faculty and families to mature together. Growth in these foundations does not occur at the same pace for each person, however the central mission of catholic education is to grow the whole person in balance striving to be Christ-like in our actions and the manner in which we represent ourselves.

Different by Design is different. We are not perfect; however, our mission is clear; growing students spiritually, academically, physically, and socially. This approach to learning coupled with a strong traditional academic curriculum makes us different by design. I invite you to visit us ( to learn more and experience Calvert Catholic Schools. God Bless and Go Blue!

Dr. Marinis

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