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Spiritual Life

God-Centered Education

We know God is here –

we speak to Him every day

through prayer, praise, curriculum, and formation.



Calvert Catholic Schools provides holy formation encounters for the students and faculty

through a strong program of Christ-centered instruction and faith-developing experiences.


Every day involves immersion into the Catholic Faith.

  • Prayer

  • Studies

  • The Sacraments

  • Weekly Mass

  • Class Retreats

  • Field trips

  • Participation in Service Projects

  • Theology of the Body

    • ​Understanding the meaning of our existence


Father Phillip Smith '02
Director or Vocations
Toledo Diocese

"My Calvert education prepared me to excel during college and graduate school.  Even more importantly, my Calvert education helped me to discover my vocation."

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Sister Leanne Kerschner '65

"My years at Calvert High School were grounding years of faith, growth, and deepening the call to journey as a Tiffin Franciscan sister. The staff, students, and spirit at Calvert provided energy and space for prayer, conversation, and fun. The staff encouraged the best in me and invited me to follow the heart of God stirring in my being. I continue to remember those years with deep gratitude."

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