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Calvert Catholic Academy- Future Vision

Future Vision Calvert Catholic Schools will be progressing to a more systematic model of education by moving the sixth-grade class to the current Junior High/High School building creating the Calvert Catholic Academy (grades 6-8). There are many models for education; however, Calvert believes this model best fits our organization.


Aligning grades 6-8 will create a more integrated approach to learning that builds depth as a student progresses through academic courses of study. The alignment of students and faculty in these grades helps create stronger synergy and collaboration.

• State and Diocesan learning standards are based on a 6-8 grade block

• Consistency in core course delivery from year to year

• Enhanced opportunity for peer-to-peer tutoring

• Integration of current elementary faculty into Jr. High/High school building


Create an opportunity for sixth-grade students to be in an environment of growth where we can create a vision for the students to see themselves mature.

• Peer mentorship and leadership development

• Enhanced career exploration

• Current 5th-grade students have learned how to change classes and move on a regular basis during the academic day

Physical Plant

This move allows us to capitalize on the space in which we have invested. The current elementary location is then better positioned for operational efficiencies.

• Calculated decreases in elementary utility expenses and maintenance

• Leverage space in the Academy/High School building more efficiently

• Create an opportunity for enrollment growth at Calvert Catholic Schools

Implementation Plan

The current 5th and 6th-grade classes will have multiple opportunities to be part of the High School campus during the spring 2020 semester. A few of these opportunities will involve Mass, musical preview, and shadowing. At a later date during the spring semester, we will provide an opportunity for parents of our current 5th and 6th-grade students to tour the building and receive information on expectations. This opportunity will also include a question and answer session. The sixth-grade class will have lockers in the garden level where the current Junior High lockers are. There will be enough space there for the Academy to be formed. The majority of core courses will also be offered in the garden level of the building for ease of acclimation and coordination. Calvert is excited about this change and the new opportunities it will provide to your students. Please look for further information throughout the second semester.

Dr. Jeremy Marinis

Head of School

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