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Copy of Dr. Marinis Monthly Memo - April 2022

March was a very busy and successful month for the students of Calvert. The message of living the faith is truly demonstrated and practiced through our students’ activities. They were able to participate, with Fr. Matt Rader, in a Prayer Service for World Peace during our world disruptions.

The elementary children collected and donated cases of baby diapers and baby products Tiffin Community Non-food Pantry. The high school and academy students presented Frozen Jr. as the spring play, and Mrs. Shultz’s Art students had a variety of projects on display for viewing before the performance. These included various mediums of painting, 3D sculptures, photographs, and scratch art. Two of her students (Corinne Griffin, Mara Waire) earned the honor to have their work displayed in the Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition, and four others we in the competition (Makayla Coppus, Ella Dysard, Harrison Shultz, and Kate Laney). Mrs. Hart’s sixth-graders held an interesting Ancient Egypt Exhibit with pyramids, mummies, sphinxes, and jewelry art they created. Catholic education provides many opportunities for the students to use their creative abilities in their core classes.

Calvert has been busy in the community through school projects and student involvement. Students develop life-influencing skills along with a great education. And it begins in our Preschool, which includes academic and technological instructions. Preschoolers use classroom iPads, an Interactive Whiteboard, experience STEAM instruction, and have their own time scheduled in the Computer Lab. We welcome students in all grades to take the opportunity to shadow at Calvert to learn about the “different by design” distinction. There are so many tuition support programs, do not let finances turn you away. Applications for enrollment are available now contact Rachel Griffith for a shadow opportunity and to learn more,

We have started a Faculty Faith Formation program at the academy and high school under the leadership of Carolyn Price, who is experienced in Catholic leadership and professional development. She will be working with teachers one-to-one and offer group instruction to enrich the infusion of faith with all academics.

This is a lengthy but celebratory memo with lots of information about the great things being accomplished by our Seneca Nation. We appreciate and thank all of you who continue to provide support for this precious mission of preparing our leaders of the future.

Dr. Jeremy Marinis

Head of School

Calvert Catholic Schools

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