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Dr. Marinis Monthly Memo - November 2022

Greetings from Seneca Nation,

Fall is one of my favorite seasons; the beauty of the colorful leaves, families coming together for Thanksgiving gatherings, watching the students interact, engage, and grow, and most importantly, a time to pause and be thankful. Every day I see evidence of commitment to Calvert that stems from community to alumni from years past. Calvert recently celebrated its 38th annual Autumn Auction with the theme “Run for the Roses.” This event began years ago when a group of loyal Calvert supporters identified a need and worked to provide a solution. This event brings people together for a celebration while raising funds to support several educational opportunities within the school.

Another example of generosity is through the redesigning of Calvert’s Zip Zalar Baseball field. For his senior project, Nick Palm has organized the fundraising and facility enhancement of a new backstop and seating pavilion. These events are not done for recognition, rather, they are done to support the Calvert community in ways that often go unnoticed. While I will never be able to thank all of the individuals who support Calvert and the broader Tiffin community, I hope this helps each of us pause and reach out to someone who has had an impact and say thanks.

Our communities are better places when we work together for a common goal and when we appreciate each other. In education, we collaborate to help each other grow, and many times it is only much later that we see the benefits of our generosity or of the classroom experiences we provided. There is a famous quote from the musical Hamilton, “What is legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.” To me, all of the community who gives so much through time, talent and treasure are planting these seeds. Many seeds develop quickly while others take years. Thank you to all who have planted seeds, leaving your legacy for future generations to model. Stay connected, join the excitement, and become part of the Calvert community by emailing

God Bless and Go Blue!

Dr. Jeremy Marinis

Head of School

Calvert Catholic Schools

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