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Dr. Marinis Monthly Memo- August 2023

Greetings Seneca Nation,

The summer months sure do move fast as the new academic year is nearly upon us. Calvert has worked diligently through the summer to launch many enhancements for the new school year. Before sharing some of the exciting adjustments, we are blessed for the State of Ohio Legislature and Governor for the support of school choice. For those of you who may not be aware, the new biennial budget that was signed into law includes an expansion for the EdChoice program, providing scholarships to all families. This is a tremendous opportunity for families to now make an educational decision for their family based on spiritual, academic, and social goals rather than financial. Please get in touch with us directly at to learn more.

I am pleased to share the enhancements within our spiritual department. For the first time in many years, we will have Father Anthony Coci and Father Matt Radar teaching freshmen Theology, Mr. Kory Wise continuing to teach grades 10-12 Theology and Mr. Zac Felton will be teaching grade 8 Theology. Mrs. Tammy Frederick will continue to teach Theology for grades 6-7. Felton and Fredrick will also lead the religion retreat program for the district providing more intentional opportunities for spiritual growth. We are blessed for the commitment of these individuals and their dedication to help our learners grow in their faith.

Academically we have added AP Biology along with our AP Calculus course. We will also be delivering over 14 college credit plus courses on our high school campus taught by visiting professors or Calvert’s own faculty. There continues to be advancements with our “skills for life” program, expanding career exploration, financial awareness, and training, home skills such as cooking and time management. This program also provides mock interviews, job shadowing, and public speaking experiences. We will also be opening our Center of Academic Excellence at the Academy and High School campus to provide intentional tutoring, accelerated learning, and group activities during the traditional study hall time.

The elementary campus is alive with many experiential learning opportunities through our garden, bird club, enrichment, and STEAM programs. The enrichment program provides students with an interdisciplinary approach to learning. We have invested in a rock-climbing wall to enhance our physical education courses. We have seen an increase in preschool enrollment and will now have two morning sessions of four-year-old preschool.

Calvert Catholic Schools is positioned well to provide a spiritually-infused learning environment that is “different by design.” We believe in structure and faith as the cornerstone of a strong education. These lead to the development of strong young men and women who become proud and productive graduates of CCS. We welcome all alumni and friends to stop by to see and experience the enhancements that continue to be implemented. We invite those looking for a different by design learning environment to spend a day learning how CCS can transform your life. God Bless and Go Blue!

Dr. Marinis

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