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Dr. Marinis Monthly Memo - February 2021

As we celebrate the snowfall which seems to always happen during Catholic Schools Week (CSW), I would like to share why Catholic education is important in these current times. As many of you reviewed the values of a Catholic Education in the recent article in the Advertiser-Tribune, I want to highlight one significant factor. As we see many examples in the world of hate, a lack of collegiality, and the simple practice of NOT working together for the greater good, Catholic education remains firm in teaching foundational and godly principles of faith, family, and serving life for the common good of all. Catholic educational programs involve daily instruction in the importance and presence of God in our lives, love for one another, doing our moral and ethical best, and building and participating in the community of life. Our students experience education through the eyes of faith. We teach our students that they are all made in the visible image of an invisible God, put on this earth to do his work no matter what career path they choose.

The 8th grade Academy students are in the midst of their Badging Program, as the 6th graders are successfully applying the life and study skills they learned during the first trimester. We are in the process of planning summer academic enrichment courses to provide students the opportunity to explore advanced curriculum opportunities. We have successfully expanded our visiting professor program, added enhanced academic tutoring, and continue to develop internship programs for our high school students. Additionally, we are developing a critical skills class for our freshmen students that will build on the lessons learned in the Badging Program while at the academy. Topics of self-management, financial literacy, career exploration, verbal and written communication, analytical skills, among many more critical skills.

The annual Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Sale starts this Friday with our Preschool through 8th-grade students, and orders can be placed online. Call us (419-447-5790) next week for information if you want some fabulous cookies or need more information. Both the Annual Fund and Alumni drives kicked off in January.

The CCS marketing plan for the 2021-2022 school year is in process, so be watching social media or email for enrollment information. We will use this platform to celebrate the value and welcoming spirit of Calvert. During these trying times, Calvert has utilized creativity, collaboration, and patience to navigate the school year. We boldly stand behind the diligent work and continual efforts from faculty, staff, and supporters to accomplish and maintain the student's journey of success. Calvert is open and will welcome families who wish to learn more about the tremendous educational experience our students encounter.

We thank God for the opportunity to continue to provide a well-rounded education to this community, incorporating teachings on values and service. We are sincerely appreciative of your continuous support. Thank you to all those who sponsored our CSW Advertiser-Tribune insert. We are truly blessed.

Dr. Jeremy Marinis

Head of School

Calvert Catholic Schools

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