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Dr. Marinis Monthly Memo- February 2024

Greetings Seneca Nation and Tiffin Community,


At Calvert and at Catholic schools across the nation we have completed the week-long celebration of Catholic schools’ week. This is a time to pause and reflect, thank and appreciate catholic schools and the many generous supporters of Catholic schools through time, talent and treasures. As I have shared many times, Tiffin is fortunate to have school options for the community and Calvert continues to lead in the formation of our youth in Christ-like image. Choice is a fundamental pillar of our country and providing educational choice for a family is imperative. Through the legislature of the State of Ohio, school choice has become feasible through the EdChoice Scholarship program. This program provides scholarships to all students who choose Calvert and removes the financial burden that may have previously existed. Contact Calvert to learn more about this opportunity.


There continues to be many ongoing enhancements at both our elementary and high schools’ campuses. At the elementary campus we are completing the roof at the activity center, celebrating experiential learning through a bird club, dissection in science courses and interdisciplinary learning through the elementary newspaper. The high school campus started the spring semester with offering three (3) new college courses and assessing a beautification project for the external campus that will begin this summer, more will be shared in later memos. The academy and high school continue enhancing our skills for life program to focus on University and career readiness along with the development of “soft” skills such as time management, public speaking, healthy habits, cooking and other critical skill development. This program begins with grade 6 and continues into high school.


I receive many communications, some positive and some with opinions for improvement. Recently, an alumni shared how impactful Calvert was in their formation and development. Not that all things were perfect, but honestly shared how he had questions about the Catholic faith, faith in God and was disrespectful through his junior high years, not focused on the correct things. The individual went on to share how positive influences through high school helped form the productive person he is today. Specifically, he shared that relationships with faculty members and time spent in spiritual retreats led him to find deeper meaning in his life. We are all on a journey and who and what we surround ourselves with guide, mentor, shape and form that journey.


I choose to believe the education of the whole person, the structure that is mandated on a daily basis, and the care for one another is a tremendous form of education that truly makes Calvert Different by Design. We dedicate time during the school day and week to focus, build and understand why we are here. We are called to a higher purpose.


Dr. Jeremy Marinis

Head of School

Calvert Catholic Schools

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