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Dr. Marinis Monthly Memo- January 2020

The year 2020 begins with a vision to celebrate the past and create the future. In these few short months during the fall semester, I have appreciated watching our students learn, serve, lead and succeed. We remain committed to supporting our student’s professional growth by providing experiential learning opportunities. You do not have to look far to see the fruits of Calvert. Many of our local business owners have their Calvert diploma as the foundation of their education. The Calvert family thanks you for your continued support.

A number of our students were able to visit and tour Marathon Petroleum Corporation to experience the vast career opportunities that exist. Looking forward, we are excited to be offering a new class to seniors about preparation and acclimation for either a college or career pathway in collaboration with Tiffin University. Starting in the spring semester, this class will be taught by a visiting professor from Tiffin University. Students will receive college credit and develop important critical skills that apply to life after high school. Calvert will continue to expand both college and professional options for students to provide direction and experience to forge paths forward.

A donor has blessed us with a gift to purchase custom Calvert ties for our students as we now have the expectation that male students in the Jr. High and High School will wear ties on days we celebrate mass. The Adoration celebration will be enriched with live music as an all-school worship experience. We will celebrate Catholic Schools Week, January 26-February 1st. This is a time to recognize the effectiveness and benefits of a Catholic education that is based on moral and structured principles.

Calvert’s transformative educational experience addresses that our duty at CCS is to guide our students to leave the world a better place by instilling a sense of service through impactful activities. Students experience this as they serve, love and know Christ as part of the Christian curriculum. Through service and faith, integrated within academics, powerful platforms and valued steps toward developing a strong moral compass are created for students.

We open our arms and our doors to those who desire education with a faith environment, grounded in experiential learning opportunities. We have welcomed several new students and can now expand our outreach to families thanks to new scholarships available to families who wish to enroll. If you want more information, contact Rachel at Calvert, 419-447-3844, ext.104, or email her at

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