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Dr. Marinis Memo- January 2021

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Happy New Year! After navigating diligently through the extraordinary predicaments of last year, we are proud to keep the students engaged as we provide faith practices, deliver academic excellence, and participate in school clubs and athletic activities. It is a blessing to keep students involved at all levels of the school environment. As the staff continues to work together as a team, they demonstrate the value of community to the students and families of CCS.

The spiritual department continues to enrich Christian principles through the many practices that strengthen the students' understanding of the importance of virtue in today’s culture. We were blessed to have 7 area priests celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation before the Christmas break. This month will include the celebration of Catholic Schools Week, January 31st through February 6th with the theme “Catholic Schools: Faith. Excellence. Service.” What a fitting theme for the qualities we offer to the many students who have walked through our halls and taken God’s word and actions out into the world.

Our seniors were privileged to participate in a zoom meeting with 3 Calvert graduates, Nic Somodi ’19, Aaron Frederick, and Luke Ritzler ’20. These young men discussed the importance of developing competent actions and practices necessary for adjusting to college life.

The elementary children continued their academics and spiritual studies. They safely gathered with St. Nicholas and learned more about the history of the origins of giving at Christmas. First graders collected and donated blankets and towels for the Humane Society of Seneca County. In collaboration with Sentinal Career Center, our third-grade students participated in handcrafting a Christmas decoration.

Congratulations to our local VFW “Patriots of the Pen” award winners Carter Wolph, Cameron Bagent, and Megan Rombach. Acknowledgment goes out to Academy English teacher, Rhonda Huffman, who helped them with their writing proficiency.

I close with a big thank you to our technology department who made it possible to live-stream our sports activities on YouTube. Sincere gratitude from us to the community leaders for honoring our historically successful VB team, who was the only one of 788 teams in Ohio with an undefeated record (29-0) this year! God Bless and Go Blue!

Dr. Jeremy Marinis

Head of School

Calvert Catholic Schools

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