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Dr. Marinis Monthly Memo - March 2020

Dr. Marinis Monthly Memo - March 2020

It is a great honor and an enriching experience to lead the vision at Calvert Catholic Schools. Observant of the changes, improvements, and successes this first year here strongly confirms my convictions about the value of Catholic education for our young people who will become our future leaders. The curriculum and faith combination allows our students to learn how faith not only formed our nation but also guides our daily lives.

We have some exciting things we’ll be rolling out for next year. New courses and opportunities along with the expansion of the global competencies program will be available. As Calvert establishes the 6-8th grade Calvert Catholic Academy, part of this development will be a badging program helping students develop critical Interpersonal skills. Skills in time management, conflict resolution, and communication efficacy will be developed. Research supports the importance of teacher-pupil interaction, so we are limiting online courses and expanding the “Visiting Professors” program in collaboration with the area Universities. Reading this informative report, I want you to be fully aware that registration, course availability and schedule planning are in place now for families to get involved and enrolled.

Calvert is blessed with many dedicated staff members and I want to especially commend Mary Leibengood, a Calvert graduate and committed teacher of elementary and high school, who is retiring this year. She has invested 47 years of her life to Catholic education. I am confident her faithful leadership has been to the betterment of all the Calvert families.

We have a team of students attending the Model UN Conference in Michigan on March 4-7th. This enrichment program involves students learning about world issues, current UN problematic topics and how these affect the country they represent. The 9th-12 grade students will take on leadership roles to represent their assigned country of Ukraine’s political position and attempt to resolve international conflicts. This is the second year in the program, thanks to contributions from the American Legion, alumna Marguerite Bernard, and fundraisers. The skills the students develop through debating, leading, and understanding international issues are invaluable to their future success.

In closing, I am happy to say that several students have visited for a shadow day and enrolled because of the great experience they had. The opportunities for student involvement, leadership, and building life-long friendships have been the encounter they were looking for and quickly committed to continue.

For more information about CCS, contact Rachel at Calvert, 419-447-3844, ext.104, or email her at

Dr. Jeremy Marinis

CCS Head of School

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