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Dr. Marinis Monthly Memo- March 2024

Greetings Seneca Nation,


The purpose of this memo is to communicate with Calvert’s various constituents; alumni, current families, proud supporters, and the local community regarding news and activities we are involved with. As an example, Calvert has recently completed a survey for constituent feedback that we are now analyzing and I look forward to addressing items of interest in actionable modes in the future.


With this being said, I have been personally impacted over the past month. We are different by design in so many ways, from our faith-infused classrooms, support of our faculty and staff, and care for the individual. We are all on a journey of improving as individuals which in turn leads to enhancing and making society better. While we are proud at Calvert of our traditional learning content areas such as English and Science, Calvert is so much more.


I was blessed this month to attend a morning breakfast led by one of our seniors for her senior project. The back story…each senior at Calvert is required to complete a “project” as a graduation requirement that involves service and/or care. The morning began at 6:30 am with breakfast followed by an inspirational message from a Calvert graduate. As our graduate shared her story, I was moved by her openness about how she has grown in her faith and love of Jesus throughout her life. Life was not always perfect for her, she was not always perfect; but how she shared her journey was powerful and a witness for students, faculty, and staff to hear. As she concluded, the group of people were able to attend adoration together. The learning that happened prior to the school day even beginning exemplifies why Calvert is different by design.


We have begun attending Mass together as a “family tribe” including all students in grades K-12.  While at Mass, older students sit with the younger ones, and share hymnals, coming together just like a family. This is learning. We are learning to lead, learning to mentor, and learning to follow. We are capitalizing on the growth opportunities a change like this presents. It’s not always easy, but each week relationships get stronger, engagement increases, and faith deepens.


Calvert is different by design for these simple reasons. We are not perfect and we have many opportunities for enhancements. Let’s continue to work together as a community to make our society better. Society is better when we care for our neighbors.


God Bless and Go Blue!

Dr. Jeremy Marinis

Head of School

Calvert Catholic Schools

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