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Dr. Marinis Monthly Memo - May 2020

Marinis Monthly Memo - May 2020

The foundational principle of Catholic education is to make sure our students continue to grow in holiness and academics, thereby enriching their dignity and self-worth for productive and successful adulthood. Our faculty and staff works hard to model and lead with these qualities. I am honored that all those in the CCS family successfully continue with this mission. Parent communications and daily involvement have held the students to their commitment and effort.

I lead the school with the positive assertion that we are here; we are strong; and we are surpassing expectations by continuing to enforce excellence in all activities through these unusual circumstances. Guided by faith-infused academics, Calvert students have been engaged in content and continue their educational progress. Students at every level have missed out on special events through this unique experience but have stayed focused, learned to adapt and be creative, and have stayed engaged and connected through technology and social media. The world changes so quickly and these lessons learned today provide preparation for the future.

We have worked closely with the Seneca County Health Department to follow the guidelines of social distancing in planning to provide a day for Calvert seniors to celebrate their individual and combined accomplishments. We will be conducting a prayer service and drive-in type commencement ceremony on May 17th (rain date- May 18th) in the high school parking lot, followed by a parade through the Tiffin community celebrating our graduates. The seniors have given so much of themselves to our school through participation in academics, sports, service projects, and more.

Three ardent and devoted teachers we wish to acknowledge and thank for their years of service to Calvert, as they begin their retirement, are Mary Leibengood, Cheri Breidenbach, and Joan Kirgis. As the school building awaits the return of students, cleaning, painting, re-arranging and restoration to improve the facilities continues to take place thanks to dedicated staff members. Grant funds have provided Calvert with new bottle-filler fountains, paint, and upgrades in needed areas.

To unite us in faith as we close out the school year, we are live-streaming the May Crowning celebration Wednesday, May 13th at 11:00 am. Learning and living our faith is what has carried us through this unfamiliar time, and will continue to strengthen us to persevere through adversity.

As the 2020-2021 school year fast approaches, we have initiated Final Forms and virtual registration is in place. With our school posts and messaging, our increased efforts with marketing, enrollment, and communications, we will be welcoming new students into the Seneca family this fall. Interested families who would like enrollment information, contact Rachel at Calvert 419-447-3844, extension 104, or email her at Enrollment, scholarships, tuition assistance, and transfer requests will need to be completed either online or contact the school.

My thanks and appreciation to this fantastic community for all that has been done and continues to be done to assist one another as we slowly begin the road back to normalcy. Continue to follow us on the website ( Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We encourage our families to continue to keep a daily routine of prayer and studies at home as we address lessons, grading, activities, schedules, and many more items pertinent to our next Calvert school year! And staying connected to our social media platforms will keep you informed about all our Calvert information. May God continue to guide us through these unusual times as we continue to trust in His ways.

Dr. Jeremy Marinis

CCS Head of School

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