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Calvert Catholic School Lunch Plan For Covid-19

Calvert Catholic School

Lunch Plan

For Covid-19

This is for the Elementary, Middle, and High School. Calvert Catholic Schools are offering sack lunches for our students. This is for Pre-k through 12th grade and is free.

Pick up days and times will be Monday and Thursday from 10:00-10:30,

at the HIGH SCHOOL CAMPUS. The door located at the corner of Madison St. & Schonhardt (near dumpster) will be open for pick-up.

Monday’s sack lunch will be 3 lunches and Thursday’s sack will be 2 lunches.

The sign-up form will be posted each week for that week’s meals.

Take care everyone,

Robbin Ewald, CHS Cafeteria Manager

Tracy Gase, CES Cafeteria Manager

This institution is an equal opportunity provider

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