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Dr. Marinis Monthly Memo - December 2021

Extreme Gratitude for the Calvert Community,

As I reflect on the Thanksgiving holiday, and we prepare for Christmas and the New Year, I am forever grateful for many organizations that make a faith-infused education possible for many. It is impossible to name all that so generously support us however, as we prepare for Christmas with the season of Advent, I want to particularly thank our local parishes: St. Joseph, St. Mary, and St. Wendelin. These parishes, with the generosity of their parishioners, provide scholarship monies to our students, and the leadership and support from the Pastors is a wonderful blessing. Additionally, we have strong support from both the Calvert and St. Wendelin educational foundations. This support helps us to offer a faith-filled education to any student who desires a different type of learning.

The elementary and high school years are the most formidable for our young students and what a gift to learn curriculum through a spiritual focus. Through generous financial support, we are committed to removing any financial barriers that may keep a student from a different-by-design learning environment. I welcome any family to experience a day in the life of a Seneca. You will be able to experience the difference in a Calvert education.

The Christmas season is upon us. Let us take time to be thankful for the gifts and blessings we have, appreciate and respect one another, and have a spirit of kindness.

God Bless and Go Blue!

Dr. Jeremy Marinis

Head of School

Calvert Catholic Schools

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