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Dr. Marinis Monthly Memo- December 2023

Greetings Seneca Nation,

Calvert Catholic Schools is quickly approaching the end of a very productive fall semester. It is amazing how quickly time passes, and one of the challenges we face is pausing to celebrate the gifts we each receive every day. Calvert has been blessed with great enhancements this year. We have invested in our physical plant, increased academic courses, enhanced our Skills for Life program, celebrated our 100th year, and welcomed numerous families and students to shadow our school. The shadow experience allows individuals to learn more about how a Calvert education may be impactful and different by design.

Today the world moves fast, is confusing with varied views, and there seems to exist an expectation that we should be able to do whatever we choose. One component of Calvert’s different by design mantra is there is structure with rules and expectations that we need to follow. We emphasize to our young learners that structure is needed, rules are important and life will present choices. The structure of uniforms for example helps young people learn the value of following rules even when they may not agree with the structure. Life presents us with daily choices that impact us individually and those individuals we associate with. As we “run” through life it becomes important to slow down, reflect on the choices that we make, and understand the outcome of choices and the direction those choices take us. At Calvert, we are different by design because we are blessed to infuse spirituality into our value structure that helps form our choices. The swiftness of life can take hold of us and we need to take time to recenter our priorities on Jesus.

Advent provides us the time and focus and recalibrate towards what should be important. Our faith and family become our focus as we prepare for the birth of Jesus. Yes, this time of year seems to speed up even more with the holiday plans, however, our challenge with our Calvert family is to slow down and use the Advent season to prepare our hearts and minds for Jesus’ birth.

From the Calvert faculty and staff, we wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Take the opportunity to spend time with family and friends while remembering what we are celebrating. May your hearts be filled with hope, peace, and love.

God Bless and Go Blue!

Dr. Marinis

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